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About QHills

QHills is company which desired to work in field of quantum computing. Now we are at beginner level of research phenomena but our mission is to continue research in the same field.

QHills envisages to get insight  about human mind and human existence through quantum computing.

Abstract Background


Our Mission

To make humankind capable of solving its complex problem in all sectors.

QHills is a team of mathematicians which provides data based solutions for complex core problems in manufacturing industries and aims to explore quantum computing for different applications.

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Who We Are

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What We Do

We are developing AI/ML models in data science field. Also, further more we uses AI/ML techniques for automation , development of products of give data driven solutions to our clients.

Connecting Dots
Meet Our Team

” Individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean”

Ujjwala Phadatare

Sr. Data Scientist

Head of QHills team .Expert in AI/ML, Python, Neo4j Graph Database Developer & No/Low Code web developer.

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