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Our Leadership

Strategic. Inventive. Knowledgeable. Accessible.


QHills is a team of mathematicians that came together and started off in the research field at ground level. Eventually we began with digitization of ideas and augmenting them with AI/ML operations. We are currently serving in the domain of Platform Digitization, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Data analytics, and still continuing with our research in the quantum computing field. We as a family strive to help people digitize their ideas and bring them to market in minimum time.

We have come a long way and look forward to emerging as a prominent company with the purpose of developing business at a small place and providing employability to diligent enthusiasts.


Help people and startups to digitize their idea and bring them to market in minimum time.



To make humankind capable of solving complex problems in all sectors.

Meet Our Team

” Individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean”

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-13 at 7.18.15 PM.jpeg

Ujjwala Phadtare

 Director Engineering

Head of QHills Team. Expert in AI/ML,
Python, Neo4j Graph database development & No/Low code web Development

Sneha Gharge

Solution Architect

Expert in Machine Learning, Python & Web Development (No/Low code)

    Hrutuja Salunkhe

Special Project & Initiatives Lead

Expert in Machine Learning & Python


Conference - WIDS Pune with Rama Vedashree, CEO of DSCI

Team of Cyber Chakravyuh with PVS Murthy sir, CEO & MD.

QHills team with Tesla company team member

Celebrating Project launching


QHills Team at Conference - WIDS Pune

Wix Studio Workshop - Banglore

Wix Studio Workshop - Banglore

Team visit with NASSCOM AI team

Team with Sameer Athaly

Attending MAS Exhibition with Amit Gadkari

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